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Dow Jones -
Gold 1281,55 US Dollar
Silber 16,605 US Dollar

Our social system is currently experiencing massive change. Old things are abandoned, new things develop, but one thing remains: the necessity of safeguarding for the future. In economically insecure times investors long for more security. We would like to give you this security.

That is why Bullion Value KG offers you a new level of individual capital investment with main focus on precious metals: a classic investment proven over thousands of years in the real value area, with high growth chances and solid fundament, through simple but effective material storage of gold, silver, and platinum in one of the oldest and renown Swiss private banks with residence in Zurich.

Good returns with enormous growth chances for the future
Profit from the downward trend at the stock markets and rely on real asset safeguarding in form of gold or silver in times of economic and political insecurity...

Asset management with broad diversification
Invest today in the "megatrends" of tomorrow, like for example precious metals, alternative energies, and water with risk minimization through "Absolute Return Approach"...

Established tradition in a modern framework, your assets in other dimensions - this is what Bullion Value KG stands for.

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